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Blue Christmas at June's Whorehouse, 1954 

St. Louis Globe-Democrat,June 20, 1955

Woman Tells of “Policemen’s Night” at Parlor Operated by Mrs. Lytz

About 20 police officers attended “Policemen’s Night” Christmas parties that Mrs. June Alma Lytz, slain disorderly house operator, staged in June’s Bath and Massage Parlor at 308A North Theresa Ave., a woman aquaintance has told authorities.

The woman, who said she did not know the sort of place Mrs. Lytz was running, has told investigators the parties were given every year for three or four years prior to 1947.

She said the officers, some in uniform and some in plainclothes, were served ham, roast beef, potato salad, and other food and also drinks.

The officers, she said, came in groups of about five at different times, staying from half an hour to an hour. While they did drink, none got intoxicated, she added.

In the meantime, the Globe-Democrat learned the Circuit Attorney’s office,which is directing a grand jury investigation of reported payoffs to police by Mrs. Lytz, is conducting a search for several thousands dollars worth of jewelry Mrs. Lytz is reported to have owned but which is mysteriously missing.

The woman who told of the parties for police officers said she used to help Mrs. Lytz prepare the buffet meals. Asked how she knew the men in plainclothes were officers, she said Mrs. Lytz described the affair as “Policemen’s Night.”

The woman said she never saw Mrs. Lytz give any of the officers any money, but that Mrs. Lytz always escorted the officers past a small sideroom where there was a heap of wrapped Christmas presents. Whether the officers were given any presents the woman did not know.

Mrs. Lytz’ former husband, Werner Lytz, has told the Globe-Democrat Mrs. Lytz used to give Christmas cards with money in them to police officers.

The woman acquaitance said that among the officers were former patrolman Elmer Dolan and former Police Lt. Lou Shoulders, now serving federal prison sentences for perjury in connection with the missing Greenlease ransom money inquiry.

Asked how she remembered Shoulders and Dolan, she said they “stayed longer than any of the other officers.”

She also said Mrs. Lytz was an expert Christmas package wrapper and told her that some policemen used to c ome to her to have Christmas packages wrapped for their wives.

She further quoted Mrs. Lytz as saying that some officers used to come to her place upstairs on the corner of Theresa and Olive street, to watch the Veiled Prophet parade, when it formerly followed Olive street.

A second woman acquaintance of Mrs. Lytz has told of seeing more than 100 wrapped Christmas packages in Mrs. Lytz’ place two days before last Christmas. These were packages which were going out.

This woman also said there was a ham which Mrs. Lytz told her was to go to the “police station.” She quoted Mrs. Lytz as saying she had already sent some hams to the station, which was not identified by district.

Both women said Mrs. Lytz, at various times, had shown them numerous pieces of jewelry. According to the second woman, this included a large diamond ringwhich Mrs. Lytz said was an engagement ring from an out-of-town business man.

There also was a matched set consisting of a watch, ring, pin and necklace made of white gold mesh and diamonds. The second woman quoted Mrs. Lytz as saying she kept here “good jewelry in a box” except for a pair of earrings which she wore occasionally.

Hiding Place Sought

Investigators have searched Mrs. Lytz’ place for a possible hiding place for the jewelry and also are trying to find out if she had a safe deposit box anywhere.

The second woman said Mrs. Lytz told here she kept a list of her jewelry, but none has been found.

The Public Administrator’s office, which is handling Mrs. Lytz’ estate, said there was an assortment of jewelry turned over to it but that much of it was costume jewelry and the entire lot has been appraised at something over $500.

Mrs. Lytz was shot to death on the street Apr. 21 by a man who wounded two other women during a shooting spree. The shootings had nothing to do with the operation of Mrs. Lytz’ place.

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